My name is Zander. This website houses my personal blog. It contains miscellaneous observations and musings on any and all topics which I might feel like writing about.

By trade I am an economist, you can see my research profile on Google Scholar.

I sometimes produce electronic music and mixes under the name EBINLO.

I’m also a big sports fan, my allegiances are as follows, in descending order of emotional investment:

  1. In college football: FSU Seminoles
  2. In MLB: ATL Braves
  3. In Women’s soccer: FSU Seminoles
  4. In English soccer: Everton
  5. In European soccer: Whatever Scottish teams have made the champions and europa league that year, meaning generally the Old Firm as well as Hearts and others.
  6. In MLS: ATL UTD
  7. In any international competition: USA
  8. In any other college athletics: FSU Seminoles

I am not invested in NFL/NBA/NHL, but still watch occasionally.

I am currently employed as a contractor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in the fisheries division. I may sometimes share my thoughts on matters of economics and public policy, though I will steadfastly avoid any discussion of fisheries or fisheries-adjacent issues, and I need to be clear that nothing published on this site represents an official NOAA or government opinion, it is all strictly my personal content, created in my spare time and not funded by, reviewed by, or in any way connected with my employment.

Me at afternoon tea outside Exeter Cathedral