Brilliant Business Idea #6739


Zander Gordan


January 5, 2024

All aboard the beer train!

On Jan 5 2019 I had a brilliant idea: a bar where the beer is served by trains on a model railroad.

Since then, I had not thought of this idea, until recently I was cleaning up the notes app in my phone. It seems as good of an idea today as it did 5 years ago.

So I looked it up, and what do you know, somebody beat me to the punch. In Prague, it’s called Vytopna, and it’s seemingly a hit with the tourists. I see some reports that the small Czech chain was supposed to expand into America via Chicago, but from what I can tell those plans never materialized. I think the concept would do very well in this country, and would certainly patronize any establishment that took up the concept, at least once.

One of these days I’ll have an idea that isn’t already taken.