EBINLO Is Dead, Long Live EBINLO


Zander Gordan


February 17, 2024

I am now releasing music under the artist name Zander Gordan. The former name EBINLO was chosen at random, as something that could reasonably pass for a DJ/Producer moniker. Contrary to some suspicions, it was not an acronym. When I made the decision last year to make some music again for the first time in a long time, I was not ready to associate what I was doing with my own name and ego, so a disposable moniker was necessary for the sake of psychological distance. I am now more confident that this is something I intend to do for the long term, and it feels appropriate to release music going forward under my own name.

I am also switching to Soundcloud as my distributor for the time being, so my new tracks will be available there first before they are on Spotify et al. I just released a new track: I’m Sorry Babe But I Just Can’t Dance To This Chord Progression

Zander Gordan · Sorry Babe But I Just Can't Dance To This Chord Progression

It is my favorite little bit of modular mayhem yet: almost everything you hear in this track is the SSF Ultra-Perc being modulated 5 different ways, including at audio rates.

Here’s to many more releases to come!