First Eurorack Case Built


Zander Gordan


January 19, 2024

Today I’ve finally finished doing something that I started last year: building out my first eurorack case. It started with the Moog Mother-32 and DFAM combo, which I got when I visited the Moog factory / flagship store during my bachelor party last year. I then added a few modules when I visited Scotland on the honeymoon and made a stop at Signal Sounds in Glasgow. Since then I have made another order from Signal Sounds, and I asked my family for a couple modules for Christmas, and now I have the result.

In addition to the modular, I also picked up the Ableton Push 3 last year. I used to have a Push 2 but sold it years ago as I never used it. Earlier this week, I was thinking about selling the Push 3 for the same reason. But I’ve decided I’m going to unplug the Push from the computer and get used to doing everything in the standalone mode. I think the learning curve will be steep getting used to doing things on the Push, but it will ultimately be better than if I just keep using the keyboard and mouse for everything.

The Expert Sleepers ES-3 and ES-6 modules in the Eurorack connect to the Push through ADAT, and I use the Push as a mixer, as a sampler, for effects, and for LFO’s through the CV Tools add-on.

So that’s the whole setup, and I think I will keep it this way probably at least through the early Summer, and try to make a few tracks with this configuration. Perhaps it is optimistic to think I can abstain from adding on to the eurorack for that long.

Here are a few snippets from me jamming on the modular (no Ableton except for mixing):

EBINLO · Eurorack Jam Highlights Jan 19 2024