Zander Gordan


November 30, 2023

I have been substantially more musically active this year than I have been any time since about 2014. Grad school is mostly to blame for the long lull, but with my PhD officially conferred in January of this year, I have had more time to devote to hobbies. I’ve adopted a new moniker, EBINLO, for this new round of activity.

There have been a couple of original productions made with a hybrid Ableton and Eurorack setup:

And a couple of DJ mixes focusing on indie pop tunes I found on Bandcamp, made with Ableton Live in the arrangement view, making heavy use of track automation to make the transitions:

EBINLO · EBINLO Presents Vol 2

But mostly I have just been jamming, coming up with stuff and then tearing it down and deleting it within the same day. I hope to put more mixes together, integrating the Eurorack setup into the creation of the mixes as well, and spanning a wider range of genres than just pop. Maybe I would make some more original tracks as well, but that is less interesting to me at the moment.