On Rivalry Week


Zander Gordan


November 25, 2023

With kickoff rapidly approaching for The Game, and my precious Noles set to play their first full game without QB Jordan Travis this season, I wanted to crystallize what I have assimilated regarding success in football, and perhaps, in life.

You’ve got to be physical.

You’ve got to bring pressure.

You’ve got to believe. I learned that from my court-ordered viewership of Ted Lasso.

This is a tricky one: you’ve got give 110%. Some of the two sport athletes may be concerned with “not trying to do too much,” but this is not baseball.

Most importantly, you’ve got to not lose. The mathematically inclined among you may believe that exactly as many games are won as are lost. But spiritually, more games are lost than won. The key, therefore, is not to lose.