Weekend Update #3


Zander Gordan


May 18, 2024

Me in Iceland

Most notably, we have returned from Iceland. The hot dogs are nothing special despite supposedly containing some amount of lamb, but represent an oasis of value in an otherwise high COL country: I had 5 over 6 days. Early April is a “shoulder season” but I thought it was ideal in providing the “ice” in Iceland while still being easy to navigate. Hannah wants to go back in Summer, but I fear the crowds.

My fitness routine has shifted to consisting almost entirely of freestyle dance for cardio and functional strength, while traditional strength training has been relegated to “someday.” The scale approves of the shift but my legs are in a perpetual state of soreness.

The Bible study has taken a backseat to Norse mythology, which I picked up a couple books on while in the Keflavik airport on the way home from Iceland. I consider these essentially fungible “wisdom literature” sources. I had not realized what a selected subsample of the myths were preserved, relative to the Greek ones that I studied in high school.

There is unfortunately no news in regard to music; the next likely release is DFO vol 2. Max/MSP progress has ground to a halt, but in the meantime I have developed concrete ideas I want to execute on that should ultimately motivate me to resume that course of study.

I have a new-found appreciation of candlelight.

Everton secured safety some weeks ago. Tomorrow they have the potential to play spoiler if Man City can not pull out a win, but I probably can not even be bothered to watch. It is too early to say how the Braves season looks, but the fact they currently trail the Phillies is cause for significant distress in our household. I do not follow FSU off-season developments but hopefully things are going well, as I understand it the rules are now changed so that an ACC championship will be sufficient to put us in the expanded playoffs, regardless of the opinions of any committee.